Single User Restroom Locations

Publicly-accessible Single User Restrooms

This list strives to be comprehensive but will be modified from time to time as new information becomes available. If you are aware of a single-user restroom that is not on this list, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at title-ix@stthomas.edu so the list can be updated.
Building Location



Anderson Student Center RR121

Aquinas Hall


Brady Education Center

116, 117, 118, 119

Center for Well-Being

1st floor: RR104, RR107, RR146, RR148

2nd floor: RR216, RR240, RR241

Facilities Design Center


Iverson Center for Faith


Koch Commons

2 (Outside Residence Life Office)

McCarthy Gym


Opus Hall (MPLS Campus) RR216

O’Shaughnessy Library

419, 420, LL07, LL08

Schoenecker Center
  • Lower Level: LLRR01, LLRR02, LLRR03, LLRR04, LLRR05, LLRR06, LLRR07
  • 1st Floor: 1RR01, 1RR02, 1RR03,1RR04, 1RR05, 1RR06
  • 2nd Floor: 2RR01, 2RR02, 2RR03, 2RR04, 2RR05, 2RR06
  • 3rd Floor: 3RR01, 3RR02, 3RR03,3RR04, 3RR05, 3RR06
  • 4th Floor: 4RR01, 4RR02, 4RR03,4RR04, 4RR05, 4RR06

School of Law (Minneapolis Campus)

LL12, LL13

Schulz Hall (MPLS Campus) RR216
Sitzman Hall

101, 202, 308, LL04

Summit Classroom Building

1st floor: 1RR01, 1RR02, 1RR03, 1RR04, 1RR05, 1RR06
2nd floor: 2RR01, 2RR02, 2RR03, 2RR04
3rd floor: 3RR01, 3RR02, 3RR03, 3RR04

Terrence Murphy Hall (Minneapolis Campus) RR250
Tommie North Residence Hall 1RR-03

Additional Single User Restrooms

In addition to the publicly accessible single-user restrooms listed above, St. Ҵý residents and Ҵý members have access to certain additional single-user restrooms depending on their permitted access to specific buildings. The following table identifies these single-user restrooms on campus that are available to those Ҵý members by building and number of available restrooms.

Building Number of Restrooms
Brady Hall 9
Dowling Hall 18
Flynn Hall 2
Grace Hall 2
Ireland Hall 3
Koch Commons 2
Morrison Hall 7
Tommie East Hall 26
Tommie North Hall 28