Center for Well-Being Building

Center for Well-Being

The Center for Well-Being provides compassionate care, expertise, education, and resources to help members of our Ҵý thrive in and out of the classroom. The Center provides a full array of health, mental health, and well-being services in an integrated model. By integrating our services, we can better support students, faculty, and staff from a single location.

Our partner areas include:

Location (mid-campus)
35 South Finn Street
St. Paul Campus
(651) 962-6750
(651) 962-6751 Fax



We help students thrive through developmentally-focused health care and education.


Scheduling an appointment is quick and easy using one of the following methods:

Health Services: call 📞 (651) 962-6750 or visit

Counseling and Psychological Services: call 📞 (651) 962-6750 or visit

Wellness Coaching: call 📞 (651) 962-6750 or go to

Case Management: call 📞 (651) 962-6750


Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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We provide compassionate care and resources through an integrated approach to health and well-being, from mental health counseling and health promotion outreach to primary care.

Our services

Center for Well-Being Partners

Counseling and Psychological Services

Short-term, goal-oriented mental health services.

Health Promotion, Resilience and Violence Prevention

Health programs, resources and educational services.

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Health Requirements, Compliance, and Education

Health requirements, compliance, and education information at St. Ҵý includes:

  • Health insurance requirement
  • Vaccination requirements (MMR, TD)
  • Registration holds
  • Student policies
  • COVID-19 education
  • Sexual violence prevention training
  • Alcohol and marijuana violations courses
  • Excuse notes policy
See health requirements

COVID-19 Education

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. Members of the St. Ҵý Ҵý should take action to protect themselves and others from infection.

Billing, Insurance & Fees

There is no cost for counseling at St. Ҵý. Services received at the medical clinic will be submitted to your health insurance company for you.

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Holistic Well-Being

About the Center for Well-Being

To live a good life means to take care of the whole.

Holistic well-being includes body, mind, social, and spirit. The human body is interconnected; our physical body depends on our mental state and vice versa. Holistic well-being strives to bring a person’s mind, body, environment, and spirit into balance.