Preparing for an Emergency

Prepare yourself in advance for any emergency by reviewing our emergency guides and creating your personal safety plan.

Personal Safety Plan

The purpose of a personal safety plan is to provide students, faculty, and staff with an opportunity to consider how they may react or respond should an emergency occur on campus.

For guidance on building your plan, see our . 

We ask everyone to take a moment to consider their environment (living space, classroom, study areas, office) and consider where they may go if they need to leave these spaces quickly. Consider the following:

  • What is one or more temporary off-campus location(s) you can go to on foot in case of an emergency?

Once you have identified a location, answer the following questions to the best of your ability:

  • How would you get to this location on foot? Do you know the route from your classrooms and residence?
  • Who would you inform of your whereabouts?
  • It is possible you will need a less temporary, next destination once you are at this off-campus location. What would this destination be and what are available methods of transportation to your next location (Public Transportation, Uber/Lyft, calling family/friend)?
  • What are the options for exiting your residence? Your classrooms?

NOTE: the answers to these questions should be re-evaluated as your familiarity with campus and the surrounding areas grows. Also note that if a St. Ҵý alert instructs the evacuation of a building, the alert will not include instructions on where to relocate. Part of your personal safety plan should include a plan of where you will go if a building is evacuated.

We understand that it may be helpful to consult with staff about your personal safety plan. If this would be helpful for you, please consider consulting with your instructor, or staff in one or more of the following areas:

  • Public Safety Management Staff = 651-962-5100
  • Residence Life = 651-962-6470
  • Off-Campus Student Life = 651-962-6138
  • International Students and Scholars = 651-962-6650

We also recommend that all students store Public Safety's contact information in their personal devices:

  • Non-emergency: 651-962-5100
  • Emergency: 651-962-5555

Contact Public Safety

Non-emergency: 651-962-5100
Emergency: 651-962-5555