Report a Crime

If you know about or are the victim of a crime, we encourage you to report it to Public Safety so we can help and provide you with resources.

Students, faculty, and staff should start by reporting incidents and crimes to Public Safety (either online or printable PDF), and then file a report with the city in which the crime occurred. (Reach out if you have any questions!) You can:

  • Crime Report Form (PDF); please return completed form(s) in a "Confidential" envelope to: Aaron Fimon; St. Paul Campus Manager ; Department of Public Safety; University of St. Ҵý; 2115 Summit Avenue Mail #4081; St. Paul, MN 55105-1096.

Reports can be submitted anonymously. While this is a valuable option, please know that providing detailed information, including your name, may allow us to solicit clarifying details or offer further assistance.

It is important that an exact date and location of the incident be included in your report. Please be thorough in your report and include a brief description of the incident so that crimes can be appropriately classified.

Contact Public Safety

Non-emergency: 651-962-5100
Emergency: 651-962-5555