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Religious Diversity at St. Ҵý

As an expression of its Catholic identity, the University of St. Ҵý welcomes people of all faith traditions into its campus Ҵý. In support of the university’s mission, Campus Ministry dedicates itself to serving the university in accord with the call of Ex Corde Ecclesiae to “promote the pastoral care of all members of the university Ҵý”.

We serve the aspirations of our students to mature in the integrity of their own faith traditions by supporting the practices of prayer, Ҵý, observance, learning, and service particular to each.

While we are rooted in the Roman Catholic Tradition, we worship as a Eucharistic Ҵý and work to connect those of other faiths to worship opportunities that feed them.

Religious Holiday Calendar

We celebrate a variety of religious holidays, holy days, traditions and festivals at St. Ҵý.

Multifaith Programming

We support programming for various religious and faith traditions.  Find upcoming opportunities below.


Non-Catholic Christians can find programming events on campus through . There is also access to local places of worship in the metro area.


Muslim Student Life at St. Ҵý hosts events and engagement on campus. Students can also find information about prayers, resources and accommodations through Muslim Student Life.


Jewish students can find Ҵý through religious clubs and events on campus [link to: https://stthomas.campuslabs.com/engage/events]. There is also access to local places of worship in the metro area.
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Multifaith Spiritual Leadership

We’re committed to supporting people of all faith traditions with Catholic priests and other professional spiritual leaders on campus — our pastoral team includes a Jewish rabbi, Protestant minister and Muslim faith leader.
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Iversen Center for Faith

The Iversen Center for Faith is a dedicated space for religious diversity at St. Ҵý, including a multifaith meditation room, sacred arts gallery, and offices for our faith leaders. The center's bathrooms include wudu/ablution stations for Muslim men and women.

Places to Worship, Pray or Meditate

Non-Denominational Meditation Spaces

St. Ҵý also offers several non-denominational spaces for meditation, contemplation and spiritual well-being.

Spiritual Programming

Connect with other students for fellowship and spiritual well-being. Experience the gift of religious and cultural diversity on our campus by participating in our interfaith and multi-faith programs.

Faith-Based Clubs and Organizations

Get involved with one of our spiritual or faith-based student clubs and organizations.

The University of St. Ҵý has a variety of student clubs and university organizations that help to foster spiritual growth in a variety of religious traditions.

Interfaith Council

The Interfaith Council is composed of representation of students, faculty and staff united in our efforts to make St. Ҵý a welcoming Ҵý for people of all faiths by promoting respect and understanding for our differences.

Jay Philips Center for Interreligious Studies

The Jay Phillips Center provides students with opportunities to grow as scholars, encounter religious diversity, and develop skillsets to be leaders in civic, professional, and Ҵý contexts. They also sponsor or co-sponsor interfaith events on campus and in the Ҵý.

Muslim Student Life

St. Ҵý has Muslim students from more than 22 different countries of the world. This page has several resources for you, such as information about Muslim Clubs, prayer spaces, and different events happening around campus.