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Dean of Students

Advocating for students and supporting their success

The Dean of Students Office supports the personal development, academic success, and retention of students. We work collaboratively with members of our university Ҵý to promote student learning and achievements.

We are committed to our Catholic identity and our mission to advance the common good. Our university values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded in our work, and we advocate for the inherent human dignity of every person.

We believe every member of the St. Ҵý Ҵý has the right to feel welcome and safe, and we work to create a welcoming environment for all members of our Ҵý.

Contact Us

Email deanstudents@stthomas.edu or call (651) 962-6050 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available in person, by phone or via Zoom.

Info for Current Students and Families

The University of St. Ҵý values the opportunity to work with your students and you throughout their entire University experience. We are honored that you have joined the St. Ҵý Ҵý. Our goal is to create a partnership that enhances your student’s success.

Faculty and Staff Resources

The Dean of Students Office is an immediate resource and partner for you if you have questions or concerns about the welfare or behavior of a student.

Student Advocacy and Support Services

Bias or Hate Reporting

St. Ҵý is committed to providing an inclusive living, learning, and working environment that supports the well-being of each member and respects the dignity of each person. If you are a student who has experienced or witnessed a bias or hate incident, we want to address the incident and provide you with resources.

Emergency Grants

St. Ҵý in collaboration with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education has emergency grants available for four-year undergraduate or graduate degree seeking students experiencing a crisis. Eligible expenses include emergency shelter, groceries, past due utility bills, medical services, rent or mortgage payments, gas, bus pass, auto repair, and necessities for their children. Non-eligible expenses include tuition and fees, text books, and meal plans. . Contact the Dean of Students Office at 651-962-6050 or deanstudents@stthomas.edu with questions.

Food Assistance

Food insecurity is an issue that affects college students nationwide. This website is a resource for students at the University of St. Ҵý who face the challenge of access to regular meals. Explore the information below about access to food resources throughout the Twin Cities.

Legal Advice

Assistance with tenant law .

, a service for low-income individuals needing legal assistance.

The Minnesota Attorney General’s website, which offers assistance in .

Students in Recovery

The University of St. Ҵý has established a partnership with the StepUP program at Augsburg University. StepUP is an innovative residential collegiate recovery Ҵý on Augsburg University’s main campus in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the largest residential collegiate recovery Ҵý in the nation. St. Ҵý undergraduate students may participate in Augsburg’s StepUP Program.

Undocumented Student Resources

St. Ҵý strives to maintain a welcoming, vibrant and diverse Ҵý that respects and supports the dignity and well-being of every member. Prospective students born outside the United States are welcome to apply, regardless of immigration status. We believe a diverse, supportive and caring Ҵý will best enable our students to learn and grow into morally responsible leaders who will advance the common good.

Student Policies and Conflict Resolution

Staff members in the Dean of Students Office are available to assist students with navigating the process of working through conflicts and complaints that involve faculty or staff members.